10 Aug 2021

Back to normal!

The world is slowly heading back on track, and so are we. The Blues Express will start doing shows again, and the first upcoming concert is in Trondheim hosted by Trondheim Bluesklubb. 

The show will take place at Krambua downtown Trondheim. 

You can purchase tickets here: 



19 Jan 2021

Sunnmørsposten published an interview with Ronald recently!

Sunnmørsposten just published an interview with Ronald recently. He talks about our latest single, and the dark thematics behind the song. The attack on the US capitol made the song even more relevant, and we are shocked reading about what is going on in the USA. 

No we just hope there can be a smooth transition, and inauguration of the Joe Biden President elect. 

Read about it here: 


29 Dec 2020

Another great review!

Review of our latest single

From the local newspaper in Bodø, Avisa Nordland. The article says, that our latest single "Somebody Wake Up" was considered among the 15 best tunes to come out off the Salten region in Nordland fylke in Norway. 

We are humbled!