5 May 2022

Upcoming Gigs

[05.11.22] Oslo Bluesklubb

10 Feb 2022

Gigs coming up!

The Blues Express is gearing up for new upcoming tour dates:

18. February: Kulturfabrikken, Klubbscene

19. February: Fan It Blues Club 

04. March: Lille Bluesfestival 2022  

23. April: Moss Bluesklubb 

For more information, please go to our facebook site: www.facebook.com/thebluesexpressnorway

10 Aug 2021

Back to normal!

The world is slowly heading back on track, and so are we. The Blues Express will start doing shows again, and the first upcoming concert is in Trondheim hosted by Trondheim Bluesklubb. 

The show will take place at Krambua downtown Trondheim. 

You can purchase tickets here: