Ronald Ottesen (Harmonica): 1 x Fender Bassman 59

Kai-Sverre Fjellberg (Guitar): 1 x Fender Blackface Super Reverb or Deluxe Reverb

Trond Hansen (Bass): Tubebased amphead , Preferably Mark Bass, Eden, Mesa Boogie, Ampeg or Gallien Kruger and 4x10” or 4 x 12” cabinet.

Kåre Amundsen (Drums): High qualitys 3-piece drumkit with a minimum of cymbal stands and other relevant hardware.

20/22/24 Kick drum

12/13 Rack tom

14/15/16 Floor tom

The kit has to be mounted for a left hand drummer as follows:

Rack tom and Hh-stands on the right hand side

Floor tom on the left

1 x Crash Cymbal

1 x Rider Cymbal

1 x Hi-Hat

1 x Drumchair